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Thread: Where is 5.1.12

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    Default Where is 5.1.12

    Just installed 5.1.18 sw on a 4x and in the release note (Page 3, point 2.4 INTERACTION WITH OTHER QUADRO SW RELEASE) in interaction with the QuadroFXO gareway it is recommended to use 5.1.12 as sw for the Gateway.

    I am unable to find this version on the partner website. (last available is 5.0.18)


    Hans T

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    You are right, Hans, this software for FXO GW is not published yet; it is in the publishing process right now, so I would expect it to appear on the Epygi website in one week.

    But you can use the 5.1.18 with older versions of gateway firmware. Only some new features will not work until you update the FXO GW too (namely - the load balancing on FXO lines will need both devices to have 5.1.x fw).

    Best regards,

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