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    Question Call Forwarding

    Looking for info on call forwarding on an ISDN 2e Digital circuit. The forwarding works well through the Quadro 16LI apart from the forwarded number is not presented. I belive that if I request for this service to be controled by the B.T. exchange this option will give me the infomation. The issue is that I can not get the Quadro 16li to talk to the B.T. Exchange. Anyone have any ideas on how I can solve this problem?

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    If you want to make call forwarding through Quadro you will lost the original caller ID.
    It is because PSTN provided some DID/MSN numbers and from Quadro it is impossible to make call to PSTN from any number not from DID/MSN range.
    So I may understood the first part of your post.
    Yes, you may request for this service to be controlled by BT by dialing service codes *21*....
    from Quadro.
    I suppose when you trying to activate this service (by dialing *21*...) the call was disconnecting from PSTN side with Cause code "Cause -> Invalid information element contents".
    This usually indicates that the ISDN number being dialed is in a format that is not understood by the equipment processing the call.

    It will be fine to get the reason of call disconnection from PSTN side.

    or I may suggest:
    - change Called/Calling Party type of number from ISDN settings and test again which is not likely
    - activate this service in overlap mode.


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