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Thread: Voice Mail System Message Failure >30Sec

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    Default Voice Mail System Message Failure >30Sec

    Not sure if it just my system or even if its a problem at all.

    System is a 2X ver. 5.0.19

    Was getting reports from people that voice mail greeting wasn't coming on anymore when I wasn't answering the phone, and that all they got was dead silence.

    So had a look the extesion setting for that line, and didn't see anything unusual;
    "Busy Call Foward" set to VM
    "No Answer Call Forward" to VM

    Checked "Basic Services - General Settings" and again "No answer timeout (sec)" was set to 30 Sec .... Everything I could think of was set correctly.

    Cut a long story short, I changed 30 Sec mentioned above to < 30 Sec, and all worked fine ... anything > 30 Sec. SILENCE

    Can this be explained ... ??

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    First of all, you don't need to explicitly set "Busy Call Foward" and "No Answer Call Forward" to VM - if you just not activate those services, the calls will anyway go to VM, if they are not answered or the phone was busy...
    From the other hand, the way you configured it also should work ok, so you just added unnecessary config, which is not harmful..

    From what you have describing, it seems to me that the call is being redirected to some other place (or answered by somebody) after 30 seconds... There should be configuration somewhere telling to redirect that call aftre 30 sec - it could be either on Quadro, or on the SIP proxy you use...

    I can tell the exact reason, if you show the Call Controller logs (with developer logs ON!!). Just set the no answer timeout to 40 sec, mark the logs, make a call going to SILENCE, then mark the logs again, and get the "Call Controller" log between two mark signs.

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