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Thread: Using the Remote Voicemail

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    Does anyone know how to configure the remote voicemail and if the Quadro can be used as a voicemail server for another Quadro? We have a number of offices with Quadro 2x Units and we want their voicemail to be stored on the larger Quadro 16x Unit. Is this possible and how can it be configured?


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    I would suggest you the following way:
    1. Create a virtual extension(or many) on your 16x which will hold your voice mails. It means don't attach any phisical line to it. Let the virtual extension number be 50.
    2. For each of your phisical extensions on your 2x activate "No answer call forwarding" and "Busy call forwarding". As destination for those services specify call type sip and destination 50@<your_Q16x_wanip:sip_port>.

    Then you can manage your vm(50) on 16x through AA.

    I think this will be most effective solution for you.

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    What is the External Voicemail setup for? The only problem with your suggestion is that the vmail softkeys on the 480i and the MWI do not work. I would like them to be able to see that they have messages waiting.

    Any suggestions?


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    Hello Sean,

    No this is not possible.
    External Voice mail is designed to send voice mail from to 3rd party voice mail servers.


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    Epygi has developed an External VoiceMail Server working on a PC. That product is working wery well (we are using that internally) and is fully ready to be released, though it is not officially advertised (at least yet). If you need that, you can contact our management, or ask your local distributor to request that product from Epygi.


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