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Thread: BLF Implementation

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    Ordinarily this should be done when the handset reregisters to the Quadro.... surely the same should be said for BLF ?



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    Each phone sets its own timeout for BLF subscription. Mostly that is one hour or half-an-hour.

    And if you clear all subscriptions from the Quadro GUI (using some page, which doesn't exists now), the phone will re-subscribe in 0.5-1 hours, when its timeout expires. Or you have to reboot the phone, so it subscribes again.

    And vice versa, if the phone accitentially reboots, Quadro will keep the old BLF subscriptions for about 0.5-1 hours. BTW if you reboot phones in a good way (from phone UI), good phones, for example Snom, unsubscribe the BLF, so you don't have the old/new BLF problem..

    All this (timeout/subscription/etc) is very similiar to the phone registration process, with a single difference - when phone reregisters after reboot, the old registration can be cleaned up, but in case of BLF, this cannot be done...

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    And Yet Elastix does not seem to suffer from this issue...

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    Really ?

    Elastix is born from Asterisk code .. I think it is still using 1.4.x which means that it could still be prone to similar BLF traits under certain circumstances...

    Nothing in this world is free from error.... we can try to accomodate for the general what ifs'' but can not take everything into consideration, after all we are talking about TCP/IP and the protocols that sit under / beneath / within it ... I can never remember how CSMA/CD oh hang on google is your friend

    So under the hood... all things arent really that equal ... you have routers, switches, all sorts of network deviecs that can kill conversations if not kept under check...

    To blame a device for placing it into an environment that errors will occur on is like blaming Microsoft for a slow browser and internet speed...


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    So when you reboot a phone it eats up it's previous BLF plus what it allocates after being rebooted?

    So then how do you reset the BLF pool?

    I think I ma getting lost in how this works...

    Quote Originally Posted by medoneit View Post
    From what ive heard, the epigy has 100 BLFs available.

    When a phone starts, it allocates its monitored extensions, and the availble BLF pool is reduced.

    When a phone is reboot, it allocates more monitored extensions, further reducing the BLF pool.

    Inactive = a BLF not in use anymore

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