Hi Everyone,

After doing an install with 15 Snom Phones that were supposed to support their Expansion Modules on my Quadro 16X, I must say that I am extremely upset with the implementation of BLF in the 16X.

I had no idea there was a limitation at all. I'm not saying that the 100ish watch limit wasnt in some kind of manual or data sheet, but I didnt see it. I think that this is something that must be more prominent. I have worked with Alloy to boost mine up a bit in order to do what I needed to do, but we are at the brink of the 100-something BLF instances. In a day, some of our phones go off line, and then that poor user gets an unexpected reboot for any reason and is forced to work without BLF for the rest of the day. I cannot justify rebooting the system for one user to get their BLF back.

If there was at LEAST a way to program the Quadro to release the watches from one extension, Say if Ext 13 goes off line, that there was a button I could press in the web interface that released all of Ext 13's BLF reservations and then I could plug it back in and it would get its reservations back, that would be very helpful. At least a current number of BLF reservations would be nice.

I find that the implementation EXTREMELY limits our ability to grow with the Quadro. I have 49 ip lines in use, and I cant use a basic feature on 3/4ths of them. I dont know what I am going to do at this point when I get new admin staff.

I understand that this is just how it works, and I'm sorry if it seems that I'm on a bit of a rant. I know that I am not the typical 16x installation, but If I just bought the Quadro 16x, and found out that I need the bigger system, what am I to do?

If there is anything I am missing in the manuals or web interfaces that magically fix this problem, flame away. I'd rather look like a fool than not know what I need to do to help my situation.

Thanks for listening :-) --J