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Thread: Configuring my FXO

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    Default Configuring my FXO

    Hi everyone I have a problem i really apreciate if anybody can explain me how i can configure my FXO line into my Quadro 2X i did a route in the FXO settings in one of my extension 74002 i put the pstn number 2210500 and it works also when i do a call from outside (Cell phone for example) it rings in my extension 74002 but when i want to call to a local number(dial the cell phone number) it give me a message "the number dial is not exist"

    I know perfectly that i need to do a route in call routing table But I don´t know how it do it, so I apreciate if anybody can help me. and explain me what are the steps that i have to do in the routing table wizard.

    My best Regards

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    Hey there ,

    Welcome to the Quadro Forum...

    Your question is by far an easy one to resolve .. but that being the case, the manuals ( i havent read one in depth yet ) points to how but really doesnt show you how... thats another reason for me to hint to writing a manual although it would be in Aussie speak so the English slang might need work ...

    Anyway ..

    Go to the following :

    Once you are logged in as an admin ...

    Click the following links - Telephony ---> Call Routing ---> Call Routing Table

    This will open up a page with the Dialling routes displayed...

    What you need to do from here is this :

    Click -- >> Add
    Destination Number Pattern: ( i use 0 for an outside line you could use 7 or something else... it will be the trigger that envokes this route and has to be different to other routes you may have entries for in this area ) 0*

    Number of Discarded Symbols: 1 ( this deletes the call routing trigger ie 0 and leaves the number I want to dial out on the resource )

    Destination Type: FXO ( this sends the call out on the PSTN / FXO line )

    Always use the check box and enable - Filter on Source / Modify Caller ID

    Next web page -
    Routing Call Settings - Edit Entry

    This then asks for which resource you wish to dial out on: In my case I use FXO-1
    Source Filter / Modify Caller ID - Edit Entry

    This will ask for more parameters on the page which is for enabling who is allowed to dial out on this resource ... this is a security measure to lock down the call to a resource .. ie your internally registered extensions ..

    So you would use the Following :

    Source Pattern: * ( this provides for any extension in the pbx is allowed to use the resource - you can also exclude a pbx extension here as well or just have several extensions seperated by a comma ",")

    Source type : PBX ( this tells the PBX that only extensions as listed by the source Pattern are allowed.)

    Then Next and Finish..

    Thats it in a nut shell....


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    Hi / Hola,

    Can you show us your rules into Call Routing table?

    Thanks to Kevin you can view one example of Call Routing.

    I recommend you view the help "online" (Select menu option "Home" and then "Help").

    But first you must run the System Configuration Wizard (the first option in the menu System), and set the line parameters for your country.

    Best Regards

    Rafael Gonzalez Lomeña
    Avanzada 7, S.L.
    Malaga, Spain
    Phone: +34952028709

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