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Thread: Firmware bug for 2XI and FXO Gateway current firmware

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    Default Firmware bug for 2XI and FXO Gateway current firmware

    Hey there,

    I have found a bug in the 2xi and FXO gateway for making a call to a specific FXO port from Firmware 5.1.19 in the 2xi and 5.0.18 in the FXO gateway.

    If you set a rule to only dial 1 x FXO port on the fxo gateway, the result is the call will go to the very first port of the FXO ie FXO1.

    I set a rule to go out on FXO-6 only and even though the rule was higher than any other rule, the call was presented to the first FXO port eg FXO-1.

    It is important that this gets rectified as soon as possible, I am willing to take on a firmware that is pre-release.


    Last edited by KSComs; 06-25-2009 at 09:03 PM. Reason: arrggghh late night caused me to put 2i firmware as 5.0.19 instead of what it is 5.1.19 ... 8 (

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    Hi Kev,

    not sure about the reason (it is still possible that something is misconfigured on that unit)... But I will send to your PM a link to the latest FXO GW fw image (it will be published in a few days anyway), so you can try that and see if it fixes the probelm...

    Best regards,

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