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Thread: Remote Extension is not registration

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    Default Remote Extension is not registration

    Dears Best Friends

    Excuse me because of my Language weak

    I Have Quadro 16x last firmware 5.1.18

    And I have problem with the remote extension

    I Use linksys PAP2T Adapter to Make call instead the IP Phone
    In the Local Area Network in my home it is working no problem but in the Out of local area network (( internet )) not registration

    I have this connection

    ISP ==> modem router linksys WAG160N (( BRIDGE ONLY )) ==> Quadro 16x With Lan ==> Laptop with IP 172.30.0.X Taking IP From Quadro and The laptupe Using ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) ==> PAP2T with IP 192.168.0.X Taking IP From Laptop

    I have dynamic IP but I Use dyndns in Quadro

    what the configuration To Make This connection

    What can I do in NAT Traversal Settings

    Please Can You Help me Step by step

    Thank You Very Much

    Faisal Al-Marri
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    your Linksys device is sending to Quadro incorrect IP addresses in sip messages It`s a local IP address instead of global. Here is a part of incoming register message from your Lynksys pap2 device.
    **************************** SIP message buffer start *****************************
    Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK-1ddd0806
    From: Faisal Al-Marri <>;tag=30d450abbdba255o0
    To: Faisal Al-Marri <>
    Call-ID: b23913ca-804d21bd@
    CSeq: 48289 REGISTER
    Max-Forwards: 70
    Contact: Faisal Al-Marri <sip:faisal@>;expires=3600
    User-Agent: Linksys/PAP2T-5.1.6(LS)
    Content-Length: 0
    Supported: x-sipura, replaces

    ***************************** SIP message buffer end ******************************
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    Thank You askkur

    OK What is the solution

    I think the NAT is solution

    but what is the configuration for NAT

    can you help me to config NAT Step by step

    Thanks again

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    Let`s try to change some configuration parameters on Linksys, especially on System page
    check the DNS configuration, on SIP page
    try to configure NAT settings, on Line page
    check the "Proxy and Registration" part parameters, are they configured properly.

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    you can use epygi STUN server Port: 3478.

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    what is the NAT address

    and ware I Put the and the port 3478

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    On Linksys web gui "SIP" page under "NAT Support Parameters" section you can find that params.

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    Here is a link how configure Linksys NAT

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    I Making this are this correct

    but is not working

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    do not fill port, remove port and save the configuration, also read the
    and change the listbox value as
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