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    Question Support for xa version

    Is there an official policy or statement for support of Quadro xa models (which have build-in ADSL modem support). It appears that support has been dropped as of version 5.0. Models upgraded to this or more recent firmware versions display a warning that ADSL functionality has been disabled. Since these models have no WAN port, all firewall and related functionality is also lost.

    If support for future developments has been dropped, is there an xa specific version of the firmware with bug fixes available? If not, are there any replacement / upgrade programs for the hardware?



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    Epygi Forum Members,

    All Quadro ADSL versions reached end of life in early 2007. Epygi continued to support the software for the duration of the 4.0 software stream which continued for 2 years until 2009.

    The upgrade program allows existing customers to transfer their current software licenses to new hardware. Simply stated, existing ADSL users have the option to purchase new hardware at regular pricing. The software license transfers require that the end user send Epygi a request for the software licenses, including the following details:

    Model Number
    Serial Number
    Software License Key Descriptions

    New Product Model Number
    New Product Serial Number or Unique ID

    Upon verification of the ADSL unit's serial number, Epygi will issue licenses for the new product that best match the old software license keys. In some cases, the keys may not match exactly due to changes in software over the 2 year period.

    These requests can be sent to You can also contact this email address for questions about locating the nearest reseller or distributor of Epygi products.

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