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Thread: Call Routing giving me frustration

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    Have a 16X with two 6port FXO operating in slave to the 16X.

    16X sees all 4 local and all 12 remote trunks. I have three service providors which offer various rates.

    No SIP or IP calls, just want to figure out how to set up call routing so that

    when Users dials 916 or 926 use trunk X

    and when User dial 936 or 946 use trunk Y



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    If you log into the support portion of the web site, under Dowloads, we have a document there entitled "Call Routing Example 1." This should give you a fairly decent overview of how to configure call routing. Please review the document and post your results here.

    Thank you

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    Hi Scott,

    one small, but very important notice:

    if you have 10 or more FXO thrunks overall (and it seems you have 16), you will have problems with using FXO gateway thrunks. There is a bug in 4.0.7 (and lower) software, which shows up when overall FXO thrunks number is more than 9.

    But there is a workaround, which you can obtain through our technical support. I could post that here, but I am not sure on your level of familiarity with Quadro,... and this is a bit complex. If somebody is interested, we could post the workaround here.Edited by: davrays

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