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Thread: Upgrade 5.1.18

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    Default Upgrade 5.1.18


    After upgrade my Quadro2x, I have many problems:

    - Attendant Ringing Announcement doesn't work on my auto attendant!

    - Aastra 51i message --> update firmware failed

    Events Log:

    PNPIPPHONES firmware update failed Firmware update failed for Aastra51i MAC= 00:08:5D:1A:xx:xx FW version =

    I have update the phone manual, but same error at start. (Message error on phone and epygi Events).

    I have Reset factory Epygi and phones.

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    The Ringing Annoucement work with External Call.
    51i work correctly after reup firmware and reset all.

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    So can I suppose everything is OK now..?

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