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Thread: Long delay for outgoing calls

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    Check out the call stats and see where the calls are going out. I would not mind betting that you have your call routing using an ITSP first and the PSTN/ISDN somewhere further down the list and the calls are going out the PSTN/ISDN ports according to the call stats.
    Check it out and and post for me.

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    After restarting the Quadro 2x the delay was gone. I did not have to restart the ISDNGateway to fix the problem.

    I'm sure it'll start giving problems again in the nearby future. So I checked what the latest firmware versions for the Quadro and ISDN Gateway were. I found that there aren't any newer firmware for the ISDN Gateway, but upgraded the Quadro from v5.0.19 to 5.1.19.

    Let's hope it will keep on working!

    Ps: On the release notes of Quadro 2x firmware 5.1.19 it says I should use firmware 5.1.12 or later on any gateways. Unfortunately 5.0.26 is the latest firmware available for the ISDN gateway.

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    As I said... All incoming and outgoing calls goes through the Epygi ISDN Gateway. We have not set up any ITSP yet.

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    How long does it take after reboot until the call setup starts to slow down? And how many calls do you have in call stats before you feel the call setup is becoming slow?

    In other words, does that happen after one-two days or about one week, and how many calls per day are done (roughly)?

    Best regards,

    P.S. The new firmware fot the ISDN GW is on the way - I would expect that to be published in 1-2 weeks. But the old one should work OK too with 5.1.19...

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    Hi Riaan,

    When the delay occurs again, try calling the AA (00) and see if the delay is internal as well. Then before you reboot the PBX, goto the Epygi PBX GUI, under "Telephony" goto "External PSTN Gateways" untick the enable checkbox and save. Then call the AA (00) again and see if the delay is gone....if it is, i had the same issue and it ended up being a faulty gateway.



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    Unchecking "External PSTN Gateways" fixed this problem for me. Thanks much!

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    I'm not sure how long it takes for the problem to start hapenning again after the reboot. You know what customers are like. They could maybe have a problem for weeks before complaining. We have a guy at their office again on Monday and will ask him to have a look at it. We will then try disconnecting (disabling) the PSTN gateway link.

    I'm sure it will fix it, but is it really a hardware fault? I would be much easier for me to remotely log in and do a firmware upgrade than taking them offline for a day to do the swopout. (sorry, we don't keep stock of Epygi...

    Will keep you updated.

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    I too think the disconnecting FXO GW could help, but I don't think that is a hardware fault...
    This case could be tricky, I would suggest to contact tech support to work on this.

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