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    Morning all,

    I received my USB stick this morning ( Kingston DataTraveller ), and plugged it into my Quadro... However the Status (Hardware) is saying Format Needed, whilst the systemlogs.cgi says the following:

    Oct 9 09:01:50 proxy klogd: hub.c: USB new device connect on bus1/1, assigned device number 3
    Oct 9 09:01:50 proxy klogd: scsi1 : SCSI emulation for USB Mass Storage devices
    Oct 9 09:01:50 proxy daemon.warn klogd: Vendor: Kingston Model: DataTraveler II Rev: PMAP
    Oct 9 09:01:50 proxy daemon.warn klogd: Type: Direct-Access ANSI SCSI revision: 02
    Oct 9 09:01:50 proxy daemon.warn klogd: Attached scsi removable disk sdb at scsi1, channel 0, id 0, lun 0
    Oct 9 09:01:50 proxy daemon.warn klogd: SCSI device sdb: 502784 512-byte hdwr sectors (257 MB)
    Oct 9 09:01:50 proxy daemon.warn klogd: sdb: Write Protect is off
    Oct 9 09:01:50 proxy klogd: sdb1
    Oct 9 09:01:50 proxy daemon.debug klogd: WARNING: USB Mass Storage data integrity not assured
    Oct 9 09:01:50 proxy daemon.debug klogd: USB Mass Storage device found at 3
    Oct 9 09:01:51 proxy user.notice hotplug: device=usb action=add interface=8/6/80
    Oct 9 09:01:51 proxy user.notice usb.agent: action=add product=951/1600/100 interface=8/6/80 type=0/0/0
    Oct 9 09:01:52 proxy user.notice usb.agent: load_drivers: No driver found for: USB product 951/1600/100
    Oct 9 09:01:52 proxy user.notice usb.agent: Driver usb-storage for 951/1600/100 found
    Oct 9 09:01:53 proxy user.notice usb.agent: Calling: usb/usb-storage
    Any ideas chaps?


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    Yes, even though the Quadro does see the memory stick, to work with the Quadro to offer you voice mail memory, you still need to format it. The memory stick wont do that on its own.

    I hope that this answers your question.

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    If we would format immediately and automatically everything which is put into the USB slot of Quadro, you will surely not be happy with that )

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    < =text/>_popupControl();
    What kind of format do you mean davrays?

    I have the same make and model stick as switchnetsys, 1G capacity, yet the 4x refuses to use it. I tried formatting the stick in XP via the right click Windows Explorer, but it makes no difference.

    Any special formatting software we could use to make the stick work?

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    Hati_, switchnetsys,

    You should have the Quadro format the USB stick. Because besides
    clearing all the information on the stick (!), the Quadro also creates the file
    structure of available extensions and copies all voice data from the
    embedded memory to the drive.

    Once a USB flash drive is formatted, the
    Quadro will automatically mount the drive each time you plug it in again with
    no request for formatting (provided that you do not change anything on it [img]smileys/smiley1.gif[/img]).

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    < =text/>_popupControl();
    Thanks for that Liana.

    Next question: how do you make the Quadro format the stick? From what I gather, this is an automatic process. How long does it take after the stick is inserted in one of the USB ports?

    Is there a way to force the 4x to format it? I didn't come across any menus with formatting commands.

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    The following instructions describe how to correctly install a USB drive on a Quadro IP-PBX:
    1. Insert the USB drive intoone of the USB ports on the rear panel of the Quadro.
      Open theTelephony->Voice Mail Common Settings page and select the External USB Flash checkbox. Click Save.
      Click yes when the Quadro asks for the USB drive formatting.

    Hopefully, this will work, Hati_.

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    < =text/>_popupControl();
    Thanks for that Liana.

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    I have noticed that after a reboot, the settings revert back to the embedded memory?

    Why is that? I need to have it on the USB stick!

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    Hi Stakano, the situation you've described is not tipycal and not normal.What firmware version of Quadro do you use and what is the capacity of USB stick ?

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