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    I am wondering how to (or if it is possible) to set up access codes in the Quadro.
    We would like to assign access codes to different persons using the same extension, or simply put some type of access code on a line so that "not just anybody" can walk up to the handset and dial out.

    Any ideas?

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    You can use the Call Routing table to configure that. Moreover, you can configure different access codes for calls through different routs. for example, one access code for calling through FXO to local numbers, another for long distance calls, the next for calls through ITSP, etc.

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    It seems to me that what jarel5 wants is to just put a password on a line, so "so that "not just anybody" can walk up to the handset and dial out"...

    For the the password protection for outgoing calls feature can be used:

    it can be configured from the "Account Settings" page uder the extension login ("User Permissions"-"User Password Protection for:"-"Outgoing Calls"). The password of extension will be used.
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