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Thread: Vlan and 10 Meg Wan port bottlekneck

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    Default Vlan and 10 Meg Wan port bottlekneck

    Our typical design is internet facing router (with dsl interface) connected to the Wan port of the Epygi and dmz configured on thye isp router. Phones are connected to the lan side of the Epygi and the Pc's connected to the pc port on the phone. We run a flat network for phones and pc's but understand that there is vlan support available at V5. Our broadband speed is reachig aroung 18 Meg and we have procved that the Epygi is slowing our internet traffic. If we configure a pc with an address from the router subnet we can get 3 x throughput. What would be the best design moving forward. To vlan voice and data and push all data through the router directly ?

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    "To vlan voice and data and push all data through the router directly"

    Make the PC's go through the Router and have the Epygi WAN connect to it leaving the handsets on the LAN of the Epygi.



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    Thanks for your reply - I sort of agree and not here - It seems a little short sighted to have a 10 Meg wan interface ? It cant be a price debate ! - If we route the pc based traffic directly through the router we negate any f/w rules , vpn tunnels etc which I assume Epygi expect us installers to use ?

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    I guess it boils down to when the technology was created 10 meg was enough because to get a great internet pipe of 10 meg for business was muchos $$$$

    Nowadays for us here in Oz.. a 20 meg ADSL2+ service is common place... ergo seperation of the Epygi Quadro as the router... the exception to this is the M32x which has a 100BT / 100 meg link on its WAN which could take place of the router in most general sites.

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    There is a logic behind: the smaller Quadro units (like 2x/4x/16x) are supposed to be used as a router only in small offices with low bandwidth. In an office with big bandwidth demand, the admin has to install a separate router device anyway, just to make sure the network traffic doesn't affect the PBX performance.

    Saying that, I agree of course that nowadays a bandwidth of more than 10Mbps is a common thing, so when planning a hardware revamp, more fast ethernet interfaces will be definitely used.

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