I am trying to set a ascript that during office hours transfers calls to a given extension and out of offie hours just plays a message saying the office is closed. I've worked from the example scripts but I have a problem... out of hours I get the closed message BUT during offie hours I just get 'unavaiable'

The script I am using is as follows... I suspect the problem is to do with how the dialing code is used but I can't see any examples that don't use input ...

Any help / suggestions gratefully received....

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<vxml version="2.0">
<var name="working_hours" expr="'0'"/>
<var name="working_days" expr="'0'"/>
<form id="datetimeform">
<object name="field1" classid="datetime">
<if cond="datetime_wday &gt; '1'">
<if cond="datetime_wday &lt; '7'">
<assign name="working_days" expr="'1'"/>

<if cond="working_days == '1'">
<if cond="datetime_hour &lt; '9'">
<elseif cond="datetime_hour &lt; '17'"/>
<assign name="working_hours" expr="'1'"/>

<if cond="working_hours == '1'">
<object name="field2" classid="connect">
<param name="extension" expr="'306'" />
<prompt> <audio src="closed.wav" /> </prompt>