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    Exclamation Fax2Mail

    I have a Epygi Quadro configured to receive a Fax and forward to Mail.
    However some times this work and in ither times no.
    When this not work, a voice mail messages appears and the fax do not is recieved.
    I need your help.
    We have without fax for many weeks.

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    You might need to record an announcement to say, to send a fax now press the send button or wait to leave a message, thank you.

    If the user is calling via a manual fax machine then they have time to hit the send and the system doesnt try to save the fax as a voice mail.



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    The problem description is not clear. You told that sometimes you get FAX normally, and sometimes - not. Then what does "We have without fax for many weeks" mean? - you don't have FAX for many weeks?
    What firmware version is that?

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