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Thread: Version 5.1.17 Upgrade drops name recordings

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    Default Version 5.1.17 Upgrade drops name recordings

    Good Morning,

    I just jumped back onto the forum after a few months, and it seems like Version 5.1.17
    is not "ready for prime time".

    A few days ago I did an upgrade on our Quadro 4X and it seemed to go exceedingly
    well. Then, I got a call from my Cisco salesperson (of all people), who told me that the "find by name" search couldn't locate me. I tried it, and he was correct.

    I've been looking thru my Users >> Extension Management settings and the Call Routing Tables, to see if I can locate any changed entries and can't find anything which looks wrong. I did just find this morning that in Users >> Extension Directory, all "name recordings" have been deleted.

    Two questions:

    1) Has anyone else experienced this problem with the Ver 5.1.17 upgrade ?
    2) Are there some other settings which I've missed ?

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you


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    Out of interest Mike, Do you have an External USB Flash Drive Memory Stick... installed to the system ? If so read on ...

    When you look at the VOICEMAIL settings for the Quadro, does it say use external memory storage or embedded ?

    If it says embedded just repoint it to your USB memory stick.. and retest...



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    Generally speaking, if you are not using USB Flash stick with the Quadro, but use the internal Quadro storage, all the voice messages get deleted after any firmware upgrade.

    But the config backup file contains all those messages, and restores them when you restore that.
    So, to have your message after FW change, the correct upgrade procedure is the following:
    1. backup the configuration
    2. Upgrade
    3. restore the configuration back.

    Best regards,

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