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    Unhappy Change Payload

    we have a problem with the payload becouse is 96 and i need to change to 101...we´re i can change this parameter....?

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    Jesus G

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    Jesus, which kind of payload do you mean? There are two kinds of RTP codecs: some codecs have static assignments, which cannot be changed (for example PCMU=0, PCMA=8, G.729=18), the rest part of the codecs payload numbers are dynamic. See RFC3551 or

    Numbers from 96 to 127 are dynamically allocated, and this allocation is at the descretion of the vendor - you cannot adjust those numbers, and there should not be any need to do that.

    I think you have some problem, but are trying to solve that the wrong way. What is the original issue?

    Best regards,

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    Ok. Thanks

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