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Thread: Setting up an AA - manual control

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    Default Setting up an AA - manual control

    I want to be able to have an AA script read a variable which a user can easily set.

    Specifically, we're setting up an AA script to automate switchover from 'day' to 'night' service - day means all main line calls go to Extn XXX, night service they go direct to the VM of a particular Extn which has an "office now closed" type VM greeting message.

    But it'd be nice if the user could manually switch to NS by setting something, somewhere (has to be easy for a non-tech user) that the VXML script can *test*. Ideally, this testable feature would be attributable to a SNOM f-key. Could be as simple as toggling the DND status of the main receiptionist handset, for example, so long as we can detect the setting within the AA config. (Or, indeed, any other toggle-able F-key-assignable setting - preferrably one which doesn't have other unwanted affects.)

    Any suggestions?

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    Chris, do it in the Call Routing table with enabler disabler keys.

    It is very simple to perform and maintain.


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