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Thread: QuadroISDN - Normal call clearing PSTN call

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    Thanks for your suggestion, but with no effect.
    Same thing.
    some others ideas?

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    Louis, these logs differ from the ones you had with
    Can you send me the full downloaded log file, containing those calls? Don't forget to enable the developer logs beforehand!!

    BTW, there are at least two ways to get qualified help with such problems:
    1. Contact your local distributor. They SHOULD help you, either themselves, or by raising the support request to Epygi.
    2. Subscribe for Epygi Tech Support directly, and you will get the most qualified help with all such problems.

    I will try to help you this time, but note that official support ways are worth to try, as it is not always possible to resolve complex problems via the forum...
    Please send me a PM when you have the logs, so I'll give you a mail to send them...

    Best regards,

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