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    Default ISDN outgoing ID

    Hi guys

    Quick one.
    I have a 16xi which has an isdn gateway attached to it. All isdn's are for recieving calls only the one attched to the 16xi is used for outgoing calls. Everything is working fine. The only issue is.... How do i get that outgoing ISDN to use the ID of one of the other isdns when dialing out. Is this possible.

    EG ISDN 1- 021 111 1111
    ISDN 2- 021 111 1112
    ISDN 3 - 021 111 1113

    When i dial out using ISDN1 can i make the outgoing id 021 111 111(2) instead of (1)

    I have already tried setting default outgoing callerid on the isdn settings as 021 111 1112 but it still doesnt work

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    I was going to start a thread with a related question (sorry to hijack your thread darryl).

    I have one ISDN30 with a 100 DID range, how do I set it on the Epygi so that I can present a particular number from the range allocated as outbound caller ID. I am trying to duplicate this setting which our our commander system can do.

    Our 100 DID for our ISDN30 (E1 Aus) is 03 98xx xxaa where 03 98xx xx99 is our external advertised fax number (fax machine connected to this line). Currently the commander can present the caller ID as 03 98xx xx99 to the outside world when the fax machine sends a fax.

    How do I duplicate this functionality on the Epygi M32x or similar present any other number within our 100 DID as the outbound caller id. Currently the default caller ID is our main number (as set by the telco). I have confirm wit them that if our PBX (Epygi unit) support it we can present any number from the 100 DID as out going caller id.


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    Hey there Guys,

    In your Call Routing Table ( CRT ):

    For your outbound calls....

    Ensure you have ‘Filter on Caller / Call Type / Modify Caller ID’ – Ticked

    Inbound Call Type - Edit Entry

    Inbound Caller Pattern = * if you want to change all or {12-73} if you wanted to exclude extension 11

    Inbound Number of Discarded Symbols = 2

    Inbound Prefix = telephone number that you wish to present

    Inbound Call Type = PBX




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    tried that same result :-(

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    EDIT: I manage to get it working the problem previously was the rule priority, now when I move the fax line caller id rule above the general rule it works as expected.
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