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Thread: VXML AA to PBX-Voicemail

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    Exclamation VXML AA to PBX-Voicemail

    I'm trying to setup an AA script as follows:

    0 - Operator (ext 115)
    1 - Goto submenu DialExtension
    2 - Goto PBX-Voicemail on extension 115

    DialExtension Form does the following:
    15 - Dial Extension 115
    16 - Dial Extension 116
    33 - Dial Extension 133

    The routing table contains an entry for 70??? which sends the call to PBX-Mailbox for the extension provided.

    If I pickup a phone and dial 70115 I get the voice mail for extension 115.

    The problem I am having is that when I push option 2 in my script I lose the connection.

    I am using the following to trap the user input:

    <link dtmf="2" next="#voicemail" />

    The voicemail object looks like this:

    <object name="voicemail" classid="dial">
    <param name="pattern" expr="'70115'" />

    I have also tried:

    <object name="voicemail" classid="connect">
    <param name="extension" expr="'70115'" />

    I get disconnected using either mechanism above.

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    The first way you tried is correct:
    <object name="voicemail" classid="dial">
    <param name="pattern" expr="'70115'" />

    I tried this and it works flawlessly. Can you see if you have any kind of filter "Inbound Filter" on the "70???" rule? That might be the reason of the problem.
    Can you connect to the VM, when you call to your AA from local extension and press 2?

    One more tip: to see what happens there, you can look to "att.log". Go to the "Show System Logs", type "att.log" in the box near the "Show Custom Log" link, and click on that link. This will show the AA log, which could shed some light on what's happening there.

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