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    can anyone provide me Linksys 5.2.8 firmware? I can't find it anywhere

    I have Linksys SPA921 models and as I can see from quadro guide the version 5.2.8 is compatible with SPA921.


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    Hello zero,

    searching in the web I can find the fw version 5.2.8 for SPA922 and SPA942 (they can be dowloaded from the linksys) site. That fw is creted on April 2008.

    But what refers to SPA921 and SPA941, there is only 5.1.8 version availabe (it is older - from June 2007).

    I am not sure 5.2.8 is available on SPA921/941 at all, so we will check the Quadro release notes to see if there is a possible typo there.

    Best regards,

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