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Thread: Help setting up Elastix to use epygi FXO gw

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    Default Help setting up Elastix to use epygi FXO gw

    Hello everyone I need help setting up Elastix pbx so it can use epygi FXO gateway any and all help will be appreciated

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    Is it one more asterisk clone/distribution? Should be the same setup as with all other Asterisk-based solutions...

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    Thanks for replying to my question I appreciate the time you took to do it

    Yes Elastix is an Asterisk clone/distribution that a client whats us to implement and use the available epygi equipment they have to their disposal (they are trying to save some money going this route)

    if anybody else has any info related to my question I'll appreciate any contributions (small or big that they may be)


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    You could tell the customer not to worrry themselves about the Elastix flavour... its a similar thing to trixbox ...

    If you want something that will work and give you control over the installation to a higher level use the vanilla flavour of Asterisk and trunk to the Epygi Gateway, dont be misled by the gui of Elastix and Trixbox as being a good replacement to an Epygi / Asterisk command line with Asterisk Gui2 or equivalent.

    As a reseller, and someone that writes and reads command line Asterisk as well as the Gui, it is in my opinion a better option to keep Asterisk running in a clean environment where you know whats in the build and linux OS itself, rather than hoping the people that have developed a gui set that encompasses Asterisk and other utilities is a solid one....

    Just my view....

    Now having said that, you can trunk to an Epygi from Switchvox, Elastix, Trixbox and many other IP platforms.


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    Thanks to everyone for their help I was able to make the FXO gateway work with Elastix

    the configuration that work for me was:

    on epygi FXO gateway:
    1.- route all sip traffic using the call routing rules
    2.- outgoing call: On the Epygi box, you need to go to Telephony-> Call Routing Table, and add a rule to send all calls to the FXO ports. it should be something like "prefix=*, call type=FXO, Any Port". In that case Elastix will send the PSTN number to Epygi box, and it will route that directly to through one of available FXO ports. (THANKS davrays you the MAN!)
    3.- for Incoming calls: FXO settings have assign a routing pattern to the FXO (in my case i give them a 656 value to all call coming on all FXO ports and on the routing rules there was one for that pattern and it will send the call to a SIP destination with out a user name and password and that will send all traffic to the Elastix box.

    on Elastix:
    Using the Elastix Without Tears Installation Guide (the Epygi FXO gateway is configured as a Sipura SPA3000 as a PSTN) and for incoming call one inbound route with any DID/ any CID did the trick and it was also necessary to allow anonymous inbound SIP call on Elastix General Settings menu
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    Nice post... interesting !

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    please can someone elaborate on how to set this up. i am new to elastix and the quadro systems. i am trying to set up the QuadroFXO with elastix and failing miserably, i cant get any incoming or outgoing calls. when i check the logs on the quadro i see:

    ***************************** SIP message buffer start *****************************
    OPTIONS sip: SIP/2.0
    Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK40ed529c;rport
    Max-Forwards: 70
    From: "Unknown" <sip:Unknown@>;tag=as47dcd555
    To: <sip:>
    Contact: <sip:Unknown@>
    Call-ID: 3260332f0618a9d8668578b341a6c603@ 60
    CSeq: 102 OPTIONS
    User-Agent: FPBX-2.8.1(
    Date: Wed, 04 Dec 2013 13:19:25 GMT
    Supported: replaces, timer
    Content-Length: 0

    ***************************** SIP message buffer end ******************************

    15:19:25 Try to send SIP message # (04/12/2013 13:19:25:362 GMT) # UDP # 484 bytes # buff size 0 # from: # to:

    ***************************** SIP message buffer start *****************************
    SIP/2.0 200 OK
    Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;rport=5060;branch=z9hG4bK40ed5 29c
    To: <sip:>
    From: "Unknown" <sip:Unknown@>;tag=as47dcd555
    CSeq: 102 OPTIONS
    Call-ID: 3260332f0618a9d8668578b341a6c603@ 60
    Accept: application/sdp
    Supported: replaces, norefersub
    Server: Epygi Quadro SIP User Agent/v5.1.16 (QUADRO-FXO)
    Content-Length: 0

    ***************************** SIP message buffer end ****************************

    please any help with this set up would be greatly appreciated

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