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Thread: Epygi with remote snom phone

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    Default Epygi with remote snom phone

    I have Epigy quadro with external remote snom phone. When the snom register with the quadro the binding ip of the extension is the remote local lan ip (like 192.168.1.x.x) and don’t take the wan of the remote ip. The call doesn’t pass to the snom phone because the quadro doesn’t know the snom public ip. Which will be the setting of the snom phone to send the contact wan ip to the epigy? Or How I can do firewall traversal using the discover global ip address like x-lite function do?

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    I guess you need to activate the STUN on the Snom. The settings for that should be in the "Identity x"->NAT page.

    Alternatively yu could try to use the "Symmetric RTP" option on the Quadro - that would force Quadro to work with Snom even if snom will send incorrect (internal) IP to Quadro.

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