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Thread: Divert call on no answer to outside line

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    I have posted this on the Alloy website in Australia but have not found a solution, so maybe someone can help here.

    We have an Epygi 2x and need our calls to divert to a mobile phone number if not answered. We would like to do this via our ITSP.

    We have selected 'call fowardno answer' on the extension we would like to have the divert active on.

    On our system we dial '0' for an outside ITSP line so I have prefixed the number with '0'

    ie the phone number is 1234, i have entered 01234.

    The divert works fine if I dial from an internal extension but if I dial from outside the PBX, I simply receive the message 'extension temporerily unavailable'

    I have tried enabling the rtp proxy for the ITSP and know that the ITSP supports multiple logins. I have also tried dialing out using a second ITSP.

    I am wondering if it is some kind of conflict on port 5060.

    I loaded the latest firmware hoping the problem had been resolved but it appears not.

    I also noticed we are not able to transfer an external call out to another external number. Could this be related?

    This would seem like a basic sort of feature and wereally need to resolve the issue ASAP.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    Ahh yes, I fondly remember this problem when we got our very first
    baby, an Quadro4x. Kept me frustrated for many days, until I lodged a
    ticket and the very helpful Epygi support pointed where I overlooked.
    Then everything became clear to me! I'm sure it will for you too![img]smileys/smiley4.gif[/img] You'll come to love this box.

    I've included below the original Epygi's TSS reply to my ticket:


    the described behaviour may be a configuration issue.

    By default the Voice Carrier Wizard creates a call routing record which is

    restricted to PBX users only.

    It means only local PBX users can use this record.

    This is done for security reasons and can be changed by configuration.

    To do so, go to the call routing, and edit the record which was created by the wizard.

    You can either uncheck the box labelled 'Filter on Caller / Call Type / Modify Caller ID'

    or keep this and on the page named 'Inbound Call Type - Edit Entry' allow all types of calls.

    Please note, this is just the first idea as we don't have your configuration or logs.

    If you have still trouble or this was already changed, then please enable developer logging

    and attach log files to this request.

    To enable developer logging:

    - log into the GUI

    - open the hidden page http:///systemlogs.cgi

    - go to system logs settings and check developer logging

    After unsuccesful calls go to system -> diagnostics and there on download system logs

    EPYGI Technical Support

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    Hi Peter,

    I tried as suggested but this did not work for me. I have resolved the issue with an entry in the call routing table that forces 043 numbers to be sent via my ITSP. There used to be a ringback issue where after the first divert the ringback could always be heard over the AA.

    The latest firmware seems to have resolved this but I still can't divert to a mobile number with out the additional call routing entry.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

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    why don't you report a case at the TSC? I am almost sure there is some small thing missed in the Quadro configuration. Please open a ticket. Describe the situation, enable Developer Logging, reproduce the sutuation and download the logs and attach to the case.

    We'll solve this situation, I am sure just the system logs and configuration files are needed to understand what happens.

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