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    Dear david,

    the callcontrol test works with me but the subscribe CDR is not.
    i can't connect to the Quadro even the hotcall or extwatch didnt work, can't connect.

    and for the port 4660 for the ACD , also i can't connect to Quadro .
    database connected on port 3306 but can't quadro connect on port 4660.

    PLEASei need help.....

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    Well, lets separate those two different things: 3PCC and ACD.

    they work on different ports (4849 for 3PCC and 4660 for ACD) and are different services with different functions.

    As soon as you ask for Call Control - if the "CallControlTest" works, the rest application from the "call Control Pack" should connect to Quadro from the same PC without any problems (unless you have problems with Windows firewall on your PC) - all 3PCC applications connect to the the same port on the Quadro.

    Can you confirm that CallControlTest works correctly on some PC, and the SubCDRs on exactly the same PC is not connecting to Quadro (gives timeout while connecting)?

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    hi david,

    call controll test and all other applications working fine
    the ACD not working and i need the ACD trial Key.
    can you please tell me how to get it.???

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    Ok, so there is no problem with 3PCC.

    Related to the ACD, as I wrote you on other thread - ACD is available only on M32x, so you cannot test it on 2x/4x/16x, as you are trying to do...

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