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Thread: Attended transfer and caller id

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    Default Attended transfer and caller id

    I have a couple of general questions regarding attended transfer with the Epygi.

    Extn 1 calls Extn 2 (Extn 2 answers the call). The caller id on Extn 2 correctly displays the id of Extn 1.
    Extn 2 then does an attended transfer, transferring Extn 1 to Extn 3.
    When the call transfer is complete, with the Epygi does the caller id on Extn 3 shows that of Extn 2 or Extn 1 ?

    I've heard that with the 3CX updating the caller id is also dependent on the particular make of handset. For example Snom will update caller id, whereas Polycom, Grandstream, Linksys don't - is this also the case when these phones are used with the Epygi pbx ?

    Sorry if these are basic questions, but we have come across these issues with other pbxs/handsets and I'd like to understand how the Epgyi handles it.


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    As far as I know, the caller ID of extn 2 will be displayed on the extn. 3 screen, so the caller ID is not updated after transfer. I suppose the most of PBX-es doesn't update the caller ID after attenbded transfer: the caller ID is supposed to be the information about the original caller, which called at the moment when the phone rang...

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