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Thread: Creating of Extensions

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    Default Creating of Extensions

    Hi All,

    I have an idea to make it easy and faster to create the extension list on other Epygi Quadro...other than the M32x

    I wish the system when creating the extension length and prefix would give you a start point and end point for the IP Line Extensions and a start and end point for FXS Line Extensions.


    Extension Length : 4
    Prefix : 56
    IP Line From : 5600 to : 5620
    FXS Line From : 5621 t0 : 5631

    The system then creates the extensions in the order assigned...

    At the moment on a 16xi the Eypgi assigns the first 16 extensions to the FXS ports & only starts at 5611 and IP Lines after that....I end up having to remove this 99% of the time and recreate the extensions manually which takes alot of wasted time.



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    Well, on the 5.1 release we have added the "Add Multiple Extensions" feature, the same way as it exists on the M32x

    Could it solve those problems...?

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    Hi David,

    I tested this last night, it is alot better

    Thank you...


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