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Thread: 2 phones in the same extension

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    I have a problem similar to this one,

    I want to use AA to call 2 extensions at the same time (11 and 19 in this case).

    I figured I add Virtual extension (79 in this case) and I want to run MER on it but I dont know how to attach lines 11 and 19 to extension 79

    Hope someone can help me.

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    Hey Mate,
    Try this,
    Go to extn79 "user settings".
    Select the "Supplementary Services" tab, "Caller ID Based Services".
    Select "any address"
    Select "Many extn ringing" tab
    Select extns required with a tick (11 and 19)
    Select "enable" from tab.
    Select "enable service" in tick box and select "save" at bottom of the page.
    Hope this helps.

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    Now I see this I overlooked the "Enable/Disable" button on the top and I just clicked "save" when selected the lines I wanted to attach :O

    Many thanks

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