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Thread: 2 phones in the same extension

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    Default 2 phones in the same extension


    Is it possible to have 2 phones registering the same extension? Like, when a call comes, they both ring and I can pickup the call on both of them at the same time? Or when I make a call in one, the other shows that a call is on progress?

    Deep down, I need 2 IPPHones on the same extension, may they be hardphones or softphones!


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    Create a MERg, put 2 sip extensions in there and monitor the extensions from each phone.


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    You mean, go in one extension, activate MER and activate a second extension in there?

    Will it allow me to have 2 persons picking up the same call? without making a conference?

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    To put more simply, I want to use my IPPHone and my softphone at the same time.

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    When you create what I wrote you will see that it will achieve what you want.

    1./ Create a Virtual extension
    2./ Assign 2 x sip extensions
    3./ Create a MERg in the Virtual extension
    4./ Add the 2 x sip extensions to the MERg and activate it
    5./ Set the no answer timer and the no answer destination in the virtual extension
    6./ From each sip extension monitor the other
    7./ Assign incoming calls to ring the virtual extension
    8./ Ring the virtual extension number and enjoy the results
    9./ Both sip extensions can make a call at the same time

    1./ A Sip extension can only register on 1 device at a time, not 2 at the same time.

    2./ An analogue extension can reside on 6 devices, but only 3 usually can have ringing bells at the same time - 3 @ REN 1.0 max

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    OK. I've done that except the monitoring thing. Is that something done on the phone or on the epygi side?

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    I'm not a 100% sure (I think I recall hearing something about this (extension monitoring) being a coming feature) - haven't seen it in the GUI yet though (but I'm just upgrading to 5.1).
    However, most of the supported phones support the so called busy lamp field functionality (Snom, Aastra, Linksys, Grandstream are the ones I tested and know work)

    The only drawback of the solution KSComs described is that you need to give up a second line key (or in case of Snom/Aastra a programmable key) - this might be an issue on phones that have very little in terms of keys (e.g. the Snom 300) but otherwise it is a (albeit more complex to set up) perfect replacement for a 2 phone shared line. It does not scale though.. if you want more than 2 phones you now need more line keys.
    Epygi has a PBX that does shared lines - the Quadro 6L. Unfortunately, for marketing reasons, they decided not to bring the shared line features to the other members of the Quadro series.

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    Since early versions you could always monitor / see the presence of an extension ...

    SNOM handsets are always easy to set up... map the extension under the key and you are done... the latest versions of the Quadro make it very simple .. all you have to do is under the advanced tab of the extension of the Quadro assign the extension you wish to see .. ie the BOSS, Reception.... the cafeteria ... etc

    Yes you do have to give up a key although it is possible to share a key function under the SNOM... I am not sure that is supported via the Quadro though.

    Steiner is 100% right in regarding to losing a key.. but do you ? if you plan your phones correctly you will guide the user into having enough keys.



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    all you have to do is under the advanced tab of the extension of the Quadro assign the extension you wish to see
    where exactly is that? The extension settings for the admin, the extension settings for the user or the line settings? I don't see it anywhere.. then I suppose since I configure my phones manually certain features remain hidden.
    If you want to go the manual route, you'll find a post of mine detailing the setup for Linksys phones... KSComs explained the snom phones and if you're interested I also have the settings for the Aastra and Grandstream phones (just need to plug in those phones and read out the config).

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    Telephony--->Line Settings--->Advanced of the extension.

    Link to the right of the phone allows you to watch extensions from the drop down list..

    You can use a mix of Manual key programming and Programming the keys within the gui.

    There is a specific way to do it... but you will work through it.

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