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Thread: Changing extensions.

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    Default Changing extensions.


    Do you consider modifying the extension system so that it is possible to just change the extension number and length without having to reconfigure it?

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    We wanted to implement that some time ago, but then decided to hold on. Allowing to modify the extension name will requeire us to change all the occurences of that extension on all the lists in the system (MERg, Hunt group, routing etc etc), which may impose some problems... So would prefer not doing this without really good reason.

    BTW, you can use "Legible Configuration" to copy the settings of the extension and to apply then (after deleting of the original extension) to new added extension. Using the "Named group of CGIs":"Extension settings" added in 5.1 this should be easier do to...
    Of course, you will have to modify the legible config file prior to uploading that - at least you need to replace the old extension number with new one, and replace the [0]/[1]/[2] with [add] in the table entries...

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    Ok thanks for the info.

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