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Thread: IP Phones on VLAN Segments

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    I have got a Quadro 2x with snom 300 IP Phones, the problem that I have got is that we are running VLANs with the Phones on different segments, how can I configure the Quadro to be able to see the VLAN Segments when the LAN Interface doesn't have a Gateway IP address.


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    There are too many unknown points here to answer...

    First of all, why are you running VLANs with the Phones on different segments, and not just put phones behind the Quadro as it is recommended in the manuals? It that really necessary?

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    Recommendation or not, companies can have security policies that ask for data and voice to be separate. This may not be much of an issue for the smaller quadros, but the larger the enterprise the more likely the separation.

    That being said, we deal with large systems at work (CallManager, Omni PCX Enterprise) and I've yet to encounter a situation where the PBX itself had to be VLAN aware.. that kind of stuff was usually handled on the network layer - your switch uplink port to the PBX would be an access port in the appropriate voice VLAN, and phones would have trunk ports (to allow a PC behind them) and separate traffic by VLANs.

    I don't see why that approach shouldn't work for a Quadro - you just might have to give up on using the Quadro as DHCP but there are plenty of good reasons not to run the DHCP on a PBX, especially in large environments.

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    Well my 2 cents worth ..

    I like to seperate the telephones from the PC Lan... therefore you dont have the issues you are talking about . But the only problem is when you have 1 ethernet cable and 2 devices that want to connect.... Easy ...

    Where you can not seperate the devices due to only 1 cable present, use a splitter or turn off DHCP on the Quadro, set Static IPs for the telephones that the quadro knows about.. ie set the dhcp on firstly and then when the handset is given an ip from the quadro and deployed turn the DHCP off and use the DHCP allocated IP and turn it into a static address on the phone.. the quadro is then happy because it has a record of the handset ip, and is able to do what ever it needs to manage it... your PC is happy because it is now getting a DHCP request via the LAN of the DHCP server because the wan of the QUADRO and the LAN port are connected to the same switch... and the WAN of the Quadro is dhcp allocated ..

    You then have the LAN and WAN of the Quadro on the same switch as the phones as well as the PC's which are connected via the DHCP server and all is happy sharing the same cable ....

    Is this where i install a PAYPAL link so every time someones reads this i get some credit every time



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    You need to set VLAN of the Quadro port within the swiotch management.

    You want to make the port a member of the phone VLAN, and not a member of VLAN 1.
    You want to untag egress packets, otherwise the quadro won't listen to them.

    A proper set up VLAN and you can use the same cable, same switch, AND still have Quadro DHCP + Windows DHCP.

    We have a setup where two networks exist in the same office (so two switches). The two data networks are connected via a router, but the telephone network is VLANed, and therefore traffic is switched at layer2 between the two switches (via the GB uplink port).

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    Regarding switch config: What ssteiner said

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