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    Default incoming calls

    Moved office and have an issue with receiving incoming calls from a DID number.

    I can make outgoing calls fine and also calling extensions is fine.
    But when incoming calls come in on the DID then the call is reported as successful in the logs but there is massive static and can not hear the other voice nor can they hear mine.

    Where should I look first?

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    Anyone know the codecs I should be using for calls originating in Japan.

    Currently have all codecs enabled with preferred being G.711u and on the phones Berkshire 5000 have the same codec enabled. But incoming calls cant negotiate the codec. THe incoming callers are using standard land lines not VOIP..

    Any suggestions??


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    Landlines via ISDN services usually are G711 Alaw as the standard. Try enabling that on all of the points through your system, Handset, A/A's etc
    If that doesnt rectify, you could turn on developer logging and mark the logs, make a call in where you answer it , mark the logs to end it and then download the sipua log to see how the call is negotiated.



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