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    Question Call relay multiple calls

    Hi I need to know if it is possible to make multiple calll using call relay.

    I mean I call Quadro and enter the call relay service which I use to call to a pstn number, I place my call and then it finishes, when it finishes the other party hangs, but I still in the line, can I return to the call realy service within the same call?

    If so, how do I do this?

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    You should be able to return to the call relay. You can terminate the call first (before the other party hang up) using "**" combination, and you should listen "Now you can make a call" message again.

    If your party hangs up first, this should be the same. What do you listen instead?

    Also, can you tell which way you call exactly via call relay: from PSTN to SIP, from SIP to PSTN, or from extension to SIP, or another way? The bahaviour could be different depending on that.

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    I find that when the caller hangs up, I get disconnected.
    I use a sip - sip

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    With my testing it played "Now you can make a call" as soon as the called party hangup.
    If you are calling "sip > ITSP", try to set the "RTP proxy" on the ITSP routing rule, it may help...

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