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Thread: X-lite + Epygi

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    Exclamation X-lite + Epygi

    How do I configure remote extensions with X-lite, I just can't make it work!!!!

    I can use it with Fring, but not with Xlite...... any ideas? please help me, the guide that is on Epygi's page is useless because it is outdated....


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    Default re

    configure quadro
    telephony->ip lines settings

    phone model:manual
    username:xlite (example)
    password:xlite (example)

    Extensions Management :
    edit ip line
    check remote extension
    username:remote (example)
    password:remote (example)

    configure x-lite

    sip phone x-lite : name and password use same as in extension managment (remote)
    check-register with domain and receive ioncoming calls.

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    what about really remote extensions? I mean, outside of the Quadro's LAN?

    I've put the public IP whit the port 5060 that is forwarded by my firewall to the Epygi. And it would work sometimes and sometimes no....

    Do I have to enable something at Quadro?

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    if that works sometimes and sometimes not - most probably you have problem with NAT hole closing automatically. This could be either the NAT of your office (where the Quadro is placed), or the NAT at the site with softphone.
    You could try to decrease the registration timeout of your softphone...

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