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Thread: Ho do I upload configuration file from one Quadro to another?

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    Default Ho do I upload configuration file from one Quadro to another?

    I need to download a Quadro 4x configuration and upload it to a M32x, what's the best way of doing this?

    Could someone please guide me through?


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    If it was the same type of Epygi Quadro you can download the configuration.

    But due to another system you can not....

    It is like taking a Volxwagon 2 litre engine out and placing it into a Porsche and expecting the Porsche to run the same... it cant

    Manually recreate the routes and extensions etc....

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    Even a Legible file configuration won't work?

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    Different system... so unless David has a converter program then nope....

    Easiest way would be to download a legible from the M32x and the 4x and see the differences.

    You might be able to adjust the legible config to rectify the differences...that may work... give it a try... me personally, I always do the changes fresh....


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    Ok... thanks, then I guess it will be a lot of work to do :P

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    Well, theoretically the legible config format is exactly the same for 2x/4x/16x/32x of appropriate versions. So you should be able to download from 4x and apload to M32x.

    Just you need to check the whole config to make sure that all the items you try to upload, are applicable to the system you want to upload that to...

    Best regards,

    P.S. Practically, I have never done that, and would recommend to experiment well prior to doing that on a live system...

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