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Thread: inbound call extension timeout - 3minutes max?

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    Default inbound call extension timeout - 3minutes max?


    I'v oppened a ticket (7038) on this, but maybe someone could help me here, and it stays as an input for the forum.

    I have AA 99 with some basic vxml script. It plays the menu sound, and according to the dtmf it sends the call to an extension.
    This AA 99 has an Attendant Ringing Announcement file with 2:57m (where some “please wait” and some company info are played along the way).
    the issue is with the main option. It sends to a VE 90 that has a MERg. Also tried it with Hunting group but besides the fact that it does not ring all phones at same time, it always ends in the same result. Call gets dropped with epygi voice message “there’s no one available to pick up the line.
    It happens at the exact time the message ends, so I upload a smaller message. With smaller message it repeats the message, but eventually it gets dropped at 3 minutes.
    So the only reason I can find is the 180s timeout I have on the VE 90.
    I’ve been all night trying to work around this but I’m unable to fix it. Maybe it’s a “logic” issue. I might been trying to do something that’s not the thing the feature was meant to, but I can’t figure out another way to do it. I can’t believe Epygi set a limit on the time a person could wait for a call to be answered so probably I haven’t found the right way to do it.

    does anyone have any idea how I can do this?

    many thanks

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    Create another VE MERg with the same extensions .. no answer timer to the max.. and overflow from the main MERg to that one...

    I usually cascade MERg's in an overflow manner with different names and a final destination point being a voicemail etc.

    Would that rectify your problem in the mean time till the Epygi guys are able to get to your ticket ?



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    Well, Kevin's solution could help here...

    But, to tell the truth - yes we put the limit of 3 minutes on ringing extension. I believe if extensions in MER ring for 3 minutes and still nobody cared to pick up the phone, then it doesn't make sence to ring more - either nobody is there or people in the office just don't want to pay attention to the ringing phone (and they have very strong nervous system to ignore the ringing sound..)

    If you want caller to wait for long time for the call to be answered, use the Call Queue on that virtual extension, so callers wait in the queue until some extension in MERg is free to answer to their call. But as soon as phone ring, the timeout is still 3 min, unless you apply Kevin's trick.

    Best regards,

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