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    Ive got a problem with my remote extensions. First problem is that for some reason even though they are registered according to handset and epygi when i dial to it i get the VM or number does not exist message. but then i dial out from that remote extension and make a call and then end it people are THEN able to dial successfully to that remote extension. This will then work fine for a while until it happens again later in the day. It is as if when a call is made out from the the connection with the epygi is reestablished and remains in that state for a while, but wot i dont understand is that when it doesn't work, the phone IS registered and it shows registered in the IPlines reg status.

    Second issue is that when i dont use the epygi stun server i get one way audio but only on external calls. i have tried setting the g729 as preferred codecs but same result

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    Which Soft Phone are you using ?

    Have you tried a Hardware telephone as the remote extension to see if you have the same problem.... Snom handsets are great for this....


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    i'm using a snom 320 handset. not a softphone

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    Quote Originally Posted by darryl View Post
    i'm using a snom 320 handset. not a softphone

    hmmm... ok .. Snom are better than most handsets at being able to poke through firewalls....

    What are your settings for network etc on the SNOM.... to verify your firewall where the Router is near the SNOM have you DMZ'd the SNOM... this will 95% remove the firewall from being the culprit ....

    Does it happen then ?


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    sorry for the silly question but wot is DMZ

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    ok this is happening on more than one location . At the one location the phone is going into an adsl router and going out to the internet.

    at the other location (snom 370) it is going into a siemens gigaset router which is connected to a PPP router which connects to a wireless service provider. nothing else on the network just the phone

    Two different setups, Same result.

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    DMZ ( DeMilitarised Zone ) means the device is exposed to the public internet and open.... it is always good to do this when you are trying to rectify firewall problems...

    So it might be your Epygi that is causing the dilemna...


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    The same issue is happening on 2 totally different types of networks, so can we safely assume that it is not the network the phone is on, as i have on of the remote extensions sitting here on my desk the Snom 370 one, and i have my firewall turned totally off and i'm getting the same issue

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    You may have your firewall turned off but the external ip address doesnt point to the telephone so therefore the packets dont really know how to get to the phone that is why i was suggesting to DMZ the telephone... ie ... if the ip of the telephone is then in the firewall tables of your router find the DMZ tab and turn on DMZ for

    This then sets up rules to point all packets to the telephone... then you can safely say the firewall is off to the telephone... at present the packets dont know how to route to the telephone unless you have explicitly forward the appropriate ports to the telephone.


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    ok i have now setup my phone as an exposed host and forwarded all udp traffic port 5060 to the ip of the phone. Is this right? will monitor and see if it makes a difference

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