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Thread: Integration with Microsoft CRM

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    Customers are constantly asking for push-to-dial and data pop-up screen from Microsoft CRM, Business Contact Manager, Small Business Financials, Great Plains, Axapta, Navision, etc. This will increase efficiency with about 10%. I learned that MS Vista will have its own softphone built in, and forego the TAPI interface. However before all this really works in Vista, it could be another 2 years. So, I would propose to build such an interface based on TAPI. Is anybody doing something in this area? PLease have a look at . They may have software that will help.

    Maybe a simple solution is to enable F6 to put a highlighted phone number into the QCM screen, and then to press the DIAL key in QCM. Vonage has that F6 feature for their simple service plans with Click-to-Dial. It would be nice if one highlights a phone number, and presses F6, that then the quadro dials that number automatically. This would be a 2 step approach instead of 3 step approach.

    I hope Epygi sees the need for this feature as very urgent and most promising.

    Toon Six

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    That kind of plug-ins and corresponding Quadro firmware will be available next week as a beta. It will allow you to make a call selecting a contact in MS Outlook and pressing some hot-key or selecting (highlighting) the phone number in the text (in any Windows application like Work, Excel) and pressing some hot-key

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    When will this beta release be available and how to download it?


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    Is there any update on this? What plugins are too be released? Outlook click-to-dial and screenpops whould be very handy.

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    I saw on the Alloy site that the beta is available but not for the 2x. What are the plans for support in the 2x models?

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