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Thread: suggest wireless handsfree device

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    Default suggest wireless handsfree device


    can you please suggest a wireless handsfree device compatible with Epygi 4xi?
    Device, phone anything else. I need to talk on the phone without being in front of the telephone device.


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    The above link will take you to the Australian Epygi distributor who uses and markets the MAX range.

    I have made calls to and from these devices and have found that they work very good.

    That is just one example of IP Conference telephone, I am sure that google would come up with more..


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    those conference phones have any earphone device like bluetooth handsfree for mobiles?

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    Not sure what you are looking for but If what Kevin suggest doesnt meet your requirement, maybe you are looking for wireless headset that fit with any IP Phone. Look at Jabra or plantronic.
    Here is a link for some models from Gentek (canadian Epygi Distributor---yes it is far from australia...Totally opposite side of the globe ;-) ).

    Hope this help,


    Hans T

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    As Hans has said... if it isnt a Conference telephone that you need perhaps a wireless headset from Plantronics might suit...

    If thats the case .. you can go to the Plantronics Headset to handset compatability website found at the following link:

    From the drop down select the telephone and model and stipulate which variety of headset .. it will give you what you need and models..

    eg I have a Snom 360 and I want to get a wireless headset with noise cancellation that fits over my head...


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    there is an easier way, get a bluetooth headset with a dongle for yer pc, setup xlite on yer pc as yer phone, use the bluetooth hedset like that. you can get the long range dongle that will enable you to get up to 100m range. only downside, you can only answer calls. you cannot dial if you are not in front of yer pc

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    Unfortunately X-Lite does not allow the feature that is called TRANSFER . It is disabled in that version, but is enabled on Eye-Beam as a paid option of under $100 USD.


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    I already had the idea of xlite but it is too complicated to install it in a non IT environment.
    Plantronics works fine for me. Im going to have a deeper look on it


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    Plantronics are a good headset. The CS-60 with handset lifter is a good wireless option.
    The other option I have been playing around with at the moment is the Nokia E51 as another extension. The E51 has a SIP client built in. I have it setup in the office and the E51 when in range of the wireless network just becomes another extension of the PBX. Works well.

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    The other Addendum to what Craig has said is that Windows 6.0 and up has inbuilt SIP capability and with this set up means you dont need to run a 3rd party client on a Wireless GSM Mobile, you can nitviely use the features of Windows and your current inbuilt dial pad.

    I have a HTC mobile with the latest Windows 6.1 with it natively, and I am waiting for 6.5 to come out shortly which will provide a lot more enhancements and facilities.

    Works a treat and is easy to set up, hardest thing is setting your wireless connection I think...


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