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Thread: How to Identify which Gateway channel is used

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    Default How to Identify which Gateway channel is used

    Hi there I have been trying to see if there is a naming convention for the Gateway device channels so that in the call statistics will display clearly which channel is used but I have not found an entry that will easily be identifiable.

    What is happening is -> PSTNGW[]?-telephonenumber

    Is there anyway this could show PSTNGW[]Port-2?-telephonenumber

    This is of course if the call went out via port 2 of the gateway



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    you currently have that specific route setup to route to "any port@" which will be all ports on the GW

    to have it show what you want you need to setup the same route to "FXO1@"
    with a failover of 'cannot establish connection' or 'any' (which is the only two options available)

    this will cause the system to first try the first FXO, if that is busy, failover to the next FXO, and so on. you can then specify in which order the FXO lines are picked up, but you will then have a bigger usage on the first lines as they will always be used first
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    Thanx for the try there Corne .... but I have specific routes but it doesnt show up in the statistics even though they are named and it sends the call to 1 x fxo at a time..

    So i have multiple routes already with fail overs...

    ie ....

    004* NDS 1 type FXO1@ ( name route1 ) Fail any
    004* NDS 1 type FXO2@ ( name route2 ) Fail any
    004* NDS 1 type FXO3@ ( name route3 ) Fail any
    004* NDS 1 type FXO4@ ( name route4 ) Fail any
    004* NDS 1 type any@

    What shows up in the call statistics no matter which route is used is :


    Not PSTNGW[]route3-telephonenumber if the 3rd route was used....



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    i see

    are you using the cdr data from the qudro or are you using the radius facility

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    Just using the cdr internally Corne ... but I think you will find that any gateway will only show the device only and not the ports as I listed ... I suspect that the channel isnt reported back to the call detail recording....


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    Yep, thats right - there is no way to get the outgoing port in the Call Stats of the master unit. The only option is to analyse the GW unit stats as well..

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    Hmm ... I actually bugged Chris from Alloy about this one to see if he can get it on the List....

    Thanks again,


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