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Thread: any Voip providers recommendations?

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    Another reccomended VoIP provider from Epygi is AGN ( This service is also added in Quadro's "VoIP Carrier Wizard".

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    Default ABC-VoIP

    I use ABC-VoIP Ltd. Company, as far they don't have any problems with the VoIP service, the rates are low, mostly I make calls to the USA, and the voice quality and time connection is good, hope they will have the same great service in the future.
    You can check for more information on their site:
    Best regards

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    I've used a company called altavox in a SIP to PRI conversion for a client and it's been a very good success which is my first dabbling in BYOB SIP.

    XO & Paetec both offer really good SIP Trunking products if you're in a 99.999 uptime requirement. Since they are true carrier grade products delivered over T1, they'll be more than adequate for your needs. Expensive, but reliable.

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