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Thread: any Voip providers recommendations?

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    I am currently using Broadvoice and they are constantly having problems. Is
    Proximiti any good?

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    You can find Epygi partners' list at our web site. I think nobody can say which service is good and which is bad. I tested with both Broadvoice and Proximity, and both were OK.

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    Sergio, the question is not only the compatibility with the Quadro, but also the reliability of the service. I suppose Broadvoice server is down sometimes, or they are changing configurations, which makes calls to fail from time to time.

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    All the services have to make some changes or upgrade their SW time by time, and during that time such issues may happen. Even older providers like Vonage have such issues.

    I think only users of those services may advise you which servise to use, as I am representing Epygi I can surely talk only about reliability of our products [img]smileys/smiley1.gif[/img]... [img]smileys/smiley2.gif[/img]

    Anyway, if the situation is so critical that you cannot use the service then contact with the service provider, or just swap it with another.

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    I don't understand how you can use the conference server and there no voip service that support more than two dial out.

    broad voice and many others have alimit of two.?

    this is total confusion

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    you can use the conference server with anyprovider that allows to make many simultaneous calls using the same account. If you want to configure your conference in dial-in scenario then assign the DID/account to Auto Attendant and then any PSTN user can call to that DID number and connect to Auto Attendant. On Attendant's prompt the user needs to dial the conference ID to join the needed conference. So, having just one account you can make calls to any conference on the server. An example of ITSP of that kind is Vonage.

    For dial-out scenarios you have to configure one of the conferences with ITSP settings (sip proxy, etc.) and configure the call routing table to make calls through that ITSP. In that case, any conference may dial-out to any number of participants using the same ITSP account.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aspireauctions
    I am currently using Broadvoice and they are constantly having problems. Is
    Proximiti any good?

    I've had very good luck with NexVortex. See Service has been reliable. I'm able to make any number of simultaneous outbound calls with the same account. I have multiple 800#'s each ringing to different auto attendants. Support has been prompt when needed. Reliability has not been perfect, but pretty darn good.

    P.S. Re: Sergio's quote that all Voip providers will be down from time to time, I'd say... only if they truly suck. Yes maintenance needs to happen, but a good provider will simply load balance to another machine, do maint and then move users back with no downtime. The only excuse for outages is carelessness, or poor system/network design.

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    What is a GOOD ITSP on the east coast of the USA ?

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    I've been testing with BBVoice ( for about 2 months now, on my Quadro 2X and 4X, and I've never had any issues so far.

    The thing I like about them is that they have access to area codes in both Canada and US, and their local and long distance rates are very reasonable. The support team is also great and I have gotten to know the top guys there.

    There is also a referral program which is great, so that I can have residual income while installing Epygi's for clients.

    They have a one month free trial as well, which I've taken serious advantage of.

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