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Thread: Multiple Quadro's acting as one.

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    Default Multiple Quadro's acting as one.

    Hi Guys,

    I am sure I've seen a document on this site previously showing how to configure multiple quadro systems to act as one giant pabx. I am looking to do this for a client who has several sites countrywide (only 4 at present) and want to be able to dial betweem them using 4 digit extension numbers.

    I can't seem to find the document now. Can anyone post a link to this info, or actually provide the info itself?

    Any help or tips greatly appreciated.


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    Hi Leeinsa,

    Take a look if this is what are you looking for:
    Support Center » Downloads » Support Resources » System Configuration » Installation Scenarios » Stacking Quadros Version 2


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    Thanks Ashot.

    I found it and it seems to be exactly what i'm looking for.



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