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Thread: quadro VPN feature and snom 370 firmware 7.3.7

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    Default quadro VPN feature and snom 370 firmware 7.3.7

    Hi all,
    i would like to know if someone of you has tested the snom 370 (firmware 7.3.7) VPN capability with an Epygi quadro PBX with VPN capability enabled.

    -First of all is it working?
    -Second is it reliable?

    thanks in andvance for your suggestions.

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    The Snom 370 (and I believe the 8 series as well) have OpenVPN onboard.. which is an SSL VPN. The VPN functionality on the quadro is IPSec VPN and the two are not compatible.

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    yep you are right so i think it is not compatible. Thanks for your reply.

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    It was not tested yet, so, it is difficult to answer.

    Quadro supports IPSec, PPTP and L2TP VPN types(keep in mind that these are supported on the WAN interface), if Snom supports one of this VPN types, there should not be any problem.

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