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Thread: Speed dial on Polycom IP550

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    Default Speed dial on Polycom IP550

    Is there anybody here with a good knowledge on Polycom IP550 and IP450???
    I said to my customer that it is possible to have speed dial with Polycom and for sure he want it :-) My customer want to have to dial 11 for (whatever phone number in his contact list) per example 4182624267, 12 for 4189079459 etc. for about 50 contacts.
    I cannot use outlook for click-to-dial as they are not on the same network for LAN and IP Phone network.

    After lots of time of reading manuals trying to find the solution I am now thinking of writing 50 different rules in the CRT to have 11, NDS2, Suffix 4182624267, etc...lots of work and don't think is the way to do this

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    Well, if these speedial entries should work on all phones in the system, then 50 routing entries is the way to go. If this is wanted only for one extension, then the "Speed Calling" table of the extension could be used.

    In any case you will have to enter those numbers somehow to the Quadro. Not to make it by hand (adding rules one-by-one could be slow and a lot of work), you can use Legible Configuration mechanism (btw, cornepiek is using that exactly for speeddial entries).

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