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    i get from my sip provider one sip number and 10 sip extension numbers how can i call from and to my extension numbers ?


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    I suppose the "sip number" is the main account number, which you need to register on. The rest "extension mumbers" is the DID.

    If that is true, you would need to pass the "VoIP Carrier Wizard" using the "sip number"/password. Then configure the rest of numbers on the extensions (set them as a SIP username", but leave the "Register on SIP Proxy" field unckecked.
    After that you can make outgoing call through that ITSP from any extension in the system using the prefix, which you seleceted when passing the "VoIP Carrier Wizard". The incoming calls to main number will come to the number which you select in the "VoIP carrier wizard", and the incoming calls to the rest numbers will come directly to extensions, where you configured those numbers.

    You can see similiar configuration in the "Configuring Quadro with Cbeyond" document:,163,190,197.

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